I always knew she was evil!

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Secret Spells Barbie

New from Mattel, just in time for Halloween — Secret Spells Barbie!

By day, Barbie, Christie and Kayla are fashionable school girls, by night they turn into magical enchantresses. Each doll comes with 2 outfits, spell book, case, edible potions and potion cups. Transform Barbie from an ordinary girl to one of the Charm Girls. Just put on Barbie’s enchanted Charm Girl jacket and she’s ready to mix up delicious potions that you can really drink. Barbie comes with costume, dragonfly, mixing pot, stand, spoon, stirrer, three bottles, book with a secret compartment, and two packets of magic powder (sugar-based mixes you mix with water). Barbie measures approximately 11.5 inches tall.

Just imagine all the fun you could have! Mixing up “love potions” with your friends. Finding spells to turn all the clothing of your best friends (or worst enemies) bright pink. Having tea parties with your Secret Spells Barbie, Hermione and Harry Potter (isn’t he the lucky little stiff?). Painting pink pentacles on your body as you dance around the bonfire in your backyard under the full moon.

Hrm. Did I just go too far?

(via Mark Morford, via Burningbird)

3 thoughts on “I always knew she was evil!”

  1. there’s nothing evil about a ‘witch’ barbie, even if she dances around a fire with pink pentagrams on her body.

    at my local fred meyer, though, they make evil barbie cakes – a barbie body stuck in a dome-shaped cake – frosted to make a very pretty dress. What makes them evil is that they always raise one arm to ‘wave’ at the children, but since these barbie’s arms are the old-school non-jointed type, they raise straight forward, into a sort of ‘hail hitler’ salute.

    now those are evil barbies. i’m going to order one with a brown dress for my birthday just to prove it.

  2. Barbie is Evil…not just the witch but the whole generation of barbies are pure evil. Barbies have bad and damaging effects on our young children today and have for the past decades! Barbie is an unrealistic rolemodel who is only a fake illusion! Barbie is costing the parents millions of dollars! Barbie is a 40 year old moulding the minds of 5 year olds. Barbie changes and developes through the years due to technology and modifies very rapidly. And what you parents are not realising is that she is taking the young children with her. Children miss out on the great carefree young childhood as they are having to skip decades to walk the walk with barbie. This may come as a shock to you but not a lot of people know what barbie was modelled after. Barbie was taken fron the german prostitute Lily who was popular with the men. Now do u really want to spend millions on a doll that is really a sex toy for your children? Do you want to buy something that is going to effect your children for the bad in the future? Think about this before you buy your child a Barbie next time.

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