6 thoughts on “Iraq Casualties

  1. I don’t know why this chart has been redone for display here with an incorrect number of deaths. The total, as you can find by following the link to my page or the sources indicated there, is 445 deaths, not 389; and it’s 306 deaths (1.4 per day) since “Mission Accomplished” rather than 250 (1.3).

  2. Ed — the chart hasn’t been “redone” at all. Rather, this entry was originally posted on Nov. 7th, and I took a screenshot of the chart at that time. The link below the chart leads to your page, with the current version of the chart. Sorry for any confusion, but there’s no wierdness going on here, other than this version of the chart being about a month old.

  3. The US millitary is amazing. When you consider that 118 americans die everyday in auto accidents it almost makes you wonder if it’s safer to be fighting in Iraq. My point is NOT that the lives lost in the name of liberation of a terrorized people are of little value. Any loss of life is conflict is tragic. My point is that as usual the liberals in this country are more interested in whinning and throwing idiotic political mud than having any kind of substantive debate. Unfortunately it’s the families of the millitary bear the burden of having thier sacrifice trivialized.

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