Miss Digital World

Here’s a fun idea for a new-millennium beauty contest: Miss Digital World, a beauty contest complete with virtual contestants!

“Miss Digital World” is the first beauty contest reserved for the likes of video game heroine Lara Croft, computer-cloned actresses from the “Matrix” films and new beauties tweaked to perfection with 3D graphics.

Digital artists, advertising agencies and video game programmers from around the world have been asked to send a computer design of their perfect woman to www.missdigitalworld.com, complete with date of birth and body measurements.

I think my favorite part from the CNN article is the tidbit about ethical considerations…

“They should not have taken part — not even as extras or cameos — in pornographic films, shows or plays nor have made statements…in any way out of tune with the moral spirit of the competition,” organizers said.

(via Prairie)

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  1. For some reason the image lacks one of the most important things.. human emotion. When I look at them, I can’t really feel much. Wierd. Eitherways, hope you got my mail. If not, just going to say, you made CNN Global Business :)

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