Pertinent parts of a #joiito conversation just after I walked in…

Tantek: Clinton did pay down the debt with budget surplus.
rojisan: of course he did. during the clinton administration, blowjobs were FREE
michaelh: sounds good to me
michaelh: get that boy back in office
Tantek: term limits
michaelh: details, Tantek — if he can debate the meaning of “is”, I’m sure he can debate “term limits” ;)
adamhill: or surplus or blow job ;)
michaelh: he’s a master debater, he is
adamhill: <rimshot/ >
adamhill: michaelh, he’ll be here all week, try the prime rib
michaelh: don’t forget to tip the waitresses
michaelh pushes a waitress over
rojisan: try the waitresses? tip the prime rib?
rojisan: sorry. clinton flashback

iTunes: “Get Down, Make Love” by Nine Inch Nails from the album Sin (1990, 4:19).