Seeing as how an Atom-enabled beta of NetNewsWire just hit the ‘net, I took a few moments to get an Atom newsfeed up and running for Eclecticism.

While TypePad has supported Atom for a while now, Atom feeds were only automatically included on sites using any of the Basic or Plus level auto-generated template sets. Those of us using custom coded Advanced template sets (especially those created before TypePad added Atom support) need to manually add the Atom template to our template sets.

The template code for my Atom feed is in the rest of this entry. It’s almost exactly the same as the template provided by TypePad — the only change I’ve made is to substitute AtomEnabled for the “more info” link rather than Posting this is just a convenience — while finding the template code wasn’t really difficult it did involve a few steps (creating a new advanced template set from one of the default system-provided template sets and go into the template editor to find the code), and posting it here will make it a bit easier if I need to track it down again in the future.

Here’s the template to use:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<feed version="0.3" xmlns="" xmlns:dc="">
  <title><$MTBlogName remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></title>
  <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href="<$MTBlogURL encode_xml="1"$>" />
  <link rel="" type="application/x.atom+xml" href="<$MTCGIPath$>atom/weblog/blog_id=<$MTBlogID$>" title="<$MTBlogName encode_html="1"$>" />
  <modified><MTEntries lastn="1"><$MTEntryDate timezone="UTC" format_name="W3CDTF"$></MTEntries></modified>
  <tagline><$MTBlogDescription remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></tagline>
  <generator url="" version="<$MTVersion$>">TypePad</generator>
  <info type="application/xhtml+xml">
  <div xmlns="">This is an Atom formatted XML site feed. It is intended to be viewed in a Newsreader or syndicated to another site. Please visit <a href="">AtomEnabled</a> for more info.</div>
<MTEntries lastn="15">
    <title><$MTEntryTitle remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></title>
    <link rel="alternate" type="text/html" href="<$MTEntryPermalink encode_xml="1"$>" />
    <link rel="service.edit" type="application/x.atom+xml" href="<$MTCGIPath$>atom/weblog/blog_id=<$MTBlogID$>/entry_id=<$MTEntryID$>" title="<$MTEntryTitle encode_html="1"$>" />
    <issued><$MTEntryDate format_name="W3CDTF"$></issued>
    <modified><$MTEntryDateModified timezone="UTC" format_name="W3CDTF"$></modified>
    <created><$MTEntryDate timezone="UTC" format_name="W3CDTF"$></created>
    <summary><$MTEntryExcerpt remove_html="1" encode_xml="1"$></summary>
      <name><$MTEntryAuthor encode_xml="1"$></name>
    <dc:subject><$MTCategoryLabel encode_xml="1"$></dc:subject>

iTunes: “Steamroller (Skatenigs)” by Pigface from the album Industrial Mix Machine (1996, 3:29).