Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turned eighteen on the 13th.

How did I miss that little milestone?

iTunes: “I Must Increase My Bust (MNO)” by Lords of Acid from the album I Must Increase My Bust (1992, 4:34).

Oh, wait, that song choice might be in bad taste. Let’s try this again.

iTunes: “Pussy (Hit it Hard Hit it Quick)” by Lords of Acid from the album Lords of Acid vs. Detroit (2001, 3:42).

Hmm. That one’s not much better, is it?

iTunes: “People Are Still Having Sex (Remix)” by La Tour from the album La Tour (1991, 6:11).

I just can’t seem to come up with a fitting song for this post…

iTunes: “(She’s) Sexy + 17” by Stray Cats from the album Living in Oblivion Vol. 1 (1983, 3:31).

Nope, that’s a bit late now.

iTunes: “No Sex Until Marriage (Pre-Matrimonial Climax)” by Ave Maria from the album Technorave 3: Technomania (1992, 6:03).

Hmm. Well, I guess that will have to do.