Oh my lord — this last weekend was just far too hot for me. Okay, okay, so I moved out of Alaska to get away from the cold weather, and I know I’ve got some readers of this page who will put me squarely in the “whine” category for this, but when things push up to 96°, I just stop functioning as well as I should. My appetite drops off to the point where it’s difficult to eat, and after a couple days of that…well, as a skinny boy with a high metabolism, going without enough food just doesn’t work well.

I was so happy to see clouds in the sky when I got up yesterday. I still ended up spending a good portion of the day in bed, feeling a little woozy, but with temperatures back in the 70’s, everything seems to be working as it should again.

Right now, I’m just glad I didn’t move any further south than Seattle. A few days a year of weather this hot is more than enough for me, I don’t know how well I’d cope if this were a regular thing.

iTunes: “Key to the Highway (Live)” by Derek and the Dominos from the album Crossroads (1970, 6:27).