Just a reminder — today is the day of the Ballard Locks Photo Workshop organized in response to Ian Spiers’ experiences while photographing the Locks.

Sunday August 1st, 2004

1PM – 4PM

We’ll meet at the front gates at just before 1PM, if you’re late, just look for the gaggle of tripods inside the property by the locks.

As word of this event quickly spread across the Seattle blogosphere, the organizer felt it would be worthwhile to clarify the intent of today’s gathering.

My event was meant to just be a day of photography where photographers could get together and just be photographers; to show everyone that photographers care about our rights, and to show Ian how many people support him.

I initially called this a workshop, not a protest, as that is the vision I had – and BTW still have. So, even if in your mind this may be a protest, please keep in mind that the event itself is NOT a protest. I’m just encouraging people to go and take some pictures.

That having been said, I feel a need out of fear to be very clear about the vision for this event. We will not be getting in the faces of other people there; be they event participants, police, security, tourists, or any other group for that matter. There will be no rally, there will be no speakers, there will just be a bunch of people taking pictures and discussing the issue at hand amongst themselves as they meet.

Sounds good to me. I’ll be there, camera in hand.

iTunes: “Gödel” by Phoids, The from the album Marianne Doesn’t Know Yet (1996, 4:47).