With the addition of the new Mac OS X release of Skype, there are now a veritable plethora of ways to get ahold of me online, should anyone be so inclined.

  • Email:
    1. —@speakeasy.net]{.citation cites=”speakeasy.net”}: This address I’ve only given out to family and close friends, in an attempt to keep at least one e-mail account relatively spam-free.
    2. djwudi@myrealbox.com: These days, primarily a spamcatcher, though I’ve still got a few mailing lists going here.
    3. djwudi@mac.com: A general-purpose, publicly available inbox.
    4. michael.hanscom@gmail.com: Just set this up. I’ve sent myself a message, and that’s the most use it’s seen so far.
    5. michael@michaelhanscom.com: These days, my primary public e-mail, and my first choice for most correspondence. If you don’t have another address for me in your inbox already (and want one, for some reason), this is the one to use.
  • Instant Messaging:
    1. iChat: djwudi: My preferred IM client. Supports audio and video in addition to text chat since I’ve got an iSight.
    2. AIM: djwudi@mac.com: iChat co-operates with the AIM network, so AIM users can find me here. In theory, recent versions of AIM support video chat also.
    3. AIM: djwudi: An actual AIM account that I got ages ago, and just started using again recently when one friend for some reason couldn’t see the djwudi@mac.com iChat/AIM account.
    4. Yahoo IM: djwudi or dj_wumlautudi: Mostly used with friends in Alaska that I met during the days when I hung out in the Yahoo chat rooms.
    5. Skype: djwudi: This one, I’ve just signed up for, and haven’t actually done anything with yet. While it works as an IM program, its primary purpose is VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) — essentially, computer-based telephone service. It should allow high-quality voice conversations with other Skype users, and if I give them a little money, than I should be able to place calls to any telephone from my computer. Sounds nifty, and I’m interested in trying it out once I either find other Skype users or pony up the cash to try the computer-to-telephone function.

I think that’s it. Did I miss any?

iTunes: “Inquisition” by Skinny Puppy from the album Nettwerk Decadence (1992, 4:26).