Jacqueline pointed out the Face Analyzer, an automated online tool where you upload a photograph and it process the photo to determine everything from your nationality to your personality. This struck me as worth killing a few minutes playing with, so I grabbed a recent headshot of me from when I got my new glasses, and sent it in. The results were something of a surprise:

100% SE Asian, Female

100% South East Asian — and female.

I never knew. You’d think that my folks would have clued me in about this at some point in my life.

Undaunted, I cropped the photo down a bit so that there was less background, wondering if giving the system less background junk would help it concentrate on my face.

100% SE Asian, Male

Well, it at least got the sex right that time. I’m really curious as to how it’s coming up with the nationality, though — to most people (who, admittedly, aren’t automated software systems [or if they are, I haven’t figured it out yet]), the red hair and pale-to-the-point-of-translucence skin tends to indicate northern European ancestry, typically either Irish, Scottish, or possibly the general Scandinavian areas.

I guess they’re all wrong. South East Asian it is. After all, if you can’t believe what you read on the ‘net, what can you believe?

The personality profile section was just as silly, and just as accurate.