HPPY VDAY Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

The weekend actually didn’t end up being too bad, given that I was feeling fairly miserable when it got started. Prairie came in to town, and we spent most of the weekend laying around the apartment resting and watching movies, with a bit of driving around on Saturday to visit some friends of hers in Anacortes and Bellingham.


p align=”center”>Sunset over Puget Sound, Bellingham, WA

On Sunday we wandered up along Broadway and stopped by Twice Sold Tales. On their counter is a notice that due to construction on the Seattle Monorail, they will be moving sometime in 2007/2008, as the building they’re currently in will be being demolished. There was a request for volunteers to sign up to assist in moving the store, so I asked if there was a signup sheet available yet.

Apparently this made the store owner’s day, as I was the first person who’d actually asked about volunteering. So, while there wasn’t an actual sign up sheet yet, she gave me her card and wrote “FIRST VOLUNTEER” on it, with promises of goodies and laurel wreaths when the big moving day finally arrives.

Our movie selections for the weekend started with a definite 80’s theme, with Risky Business, Ruthless People, and Big Business. Later we hit Blockbuster and picked up King Arthur (very disappointing) and the new Battlestar Galactica miniseries (very impressive).

After Prairie headed back out to Ellensburg, I camped out in front of the computer and put a few hours into a project I’d been meaning to work on for a long time. I’d always intended for the Hanscom Family Weblog to involve more participants than just my dad and I, but one of the stumbling blocks had been a lack of any sort of ‘instruction manual’ for the site. After Dad forwarded me an e-mail from his brother, my Uncle Doug, letting me know that Doug was interested in contributing to the site, I finally buckled down and got a start on writing out a Users Guide so that more of the extended family can participate.

So, all in all, not a bad weekend. Of course, I haven’t mentioned the number of hours I spent whining and grumbling about being sick, but we’ll just let that slide this time, shall we? :)