Had a good time at the Webloggers Meetup last night. There were a few new faces in attendance, and lots of kids, which was fun — Jon and his wife Joy brought their three kiddos (Jon got a really nice profile shot of me, too), and Eric was there with his really cute little boy.

Some time ago at one of the Jason Webley concerts, a girl had come up to me and told me that I was apparently a doppelganger for her husband. Turns out that she and her husband were there last night, and after the story was told, a few of the people around us agreed that yes, there’s definitely a resemblance. Apparently it’s not quite as close as it was a while ago — I’ve let my hair grow out, and he’s shaved off his face fuzz — but if I’m going to have a twin running around town, I could certainly do worse than Matt May.

Much of the fun of the evening came not from those of us gathered for the Meetup, though, but instead from across the street where the hardcore Star Wars fans were lining up for that evening’s 12:01am first showing of Episode III. We’d all keep our eye on the crowd as we chatted, and occasionally the cry would go up — “Stormtrooper costume!” or “There’s Chewbacca!” or “Jawas!” — and a few of us would grab our cameras and head over to grab a few shots.

Best moment of the night, though?

Walking past the line of Star Wars fans, and having a kid in jeans, sweatshirt, and Darth Vader helmet point at my kilt and laugh.

Amused me to no end, that did…

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