Lost s02e10: The 23rd Psalm

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Scribbled notes while watching last Wednesday night’s episode of Lost (yes, I know, almost a full week late…but this was my first chance to finally watch it). Spoilers, obviously, so only read further if you want to…


  • Recap’s focusing strongly on Charlie’s addiction.
  • Flashback:
    • Africa…Mr. Eko!
  • Eko’s suspicious of the statue…knows the drug trade?
    • Heh. Yup. Goodbye Mary, hello heroin!
    • Charlie’s in trouble….
  • Flashback:
    • Eko’s moved up in the underworld.
    • Whoa — that’s Eko’s heroin in the plane?
    • He’s not a nice man.
  • Locke’s really kinda freaky with the whole knives and guns thing.
  • Eko is so not going to fall for Charlie’s BS.
  • Um…floating dark cloud thing what?
  • Flashback:
    • The priest has got to be Eko’s little brother.
    • Bingo.
    • Okay, they’re in Nigeria.
  • Mike’s taking Kate’s bunker shift…
    • …wants access to the guns?
  • What’s hanging in the tree?
    • A parachute.
    • Priest’s body on the ground.
    • Oh, crap. Eko’s checking for the cross…he’s looking for his brother.
  • Heh. Charlie: “You gonna beat me with your Jesus-stick?”
  • Something’s about to happen…
    • …beastie!
      • Oh, hot damn.
      • Like the water tentacle in the Abyss…only black smoke.
      • Eko stared it down!
  • Oh…Mike wanted another shot at the computer.
    • Walt seems to be there…but is it really Walt?
    • Silly Jack interrupting the chat session.
  • Flashback:
    • There needs to be a reason Eko wasn’t on the flight…
      • …did his brother take his place?
    • Oops…brother’s shot.
      • Aha…brother got pulled into the plane, Eko got pushed out.
        • Now the military think’s Eko’s the real priest.
  • And…yup. There’s his brother’s body.
  • Burning the plane and the rest of the heroin.
    • Except for the one statue Eko handed Charlie.
  • Overtures of friendship between the first group and the newcomers.
  • And Claire kicks Charlie out.

iTunesFlashdance…What a Feeling (Hot Tracks)” by Cara, Irene from the album Hot Tracks 15th Anniversary Collectors Edition (1997, 7:44).

4 thoughts on “Lost s02e10: The 23rd Psalm”

  1. You didn’t write about Charlie putting all the Heroin-Maries into the hole in the ground. I didn’t know if he was saving them for later or he just liked them or something. hm.

  2. yeah it was near the end and pretty dark? :)

    also the stuff that were flickering when echo did the face-off with the black smoke

  3. Aaah, okay. Downsides to using Bittorrent to play catch-up when I miss a night — the monitor on my ‘puter is old and darker than it should be, so dark, shadowed or nighttime scenes are often so muddy it’s hard for me to tell exactly what’s going on. Looks like that’s what happened here.

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