Amazing Race 10 Premiere

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Two quick thoughts on the season premiere of The Amazing Race (which I may not watch any more of, but we figured we should at least watch the first one since they started off here in Seattle):

  1. Is the toughest thing they could think of to do in Seattle to get from Gas Works Park to SeaTac Airport?

    (That said…I’m not honestly sure that I’d know the best way to get to I-5 from Gas Works off the top of my head, and I live here in Seattle. Don’t drive much, sure, but I do live here.)

  2. Did anyone else notice that with the two eliminations in the first show, they managed to eliminate all the Middle Eastern countries right off the bat? The Muslim friends were the first to go, then the Indian couple. And you all thought Survivor was racist!

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4 thoughts on “Amazing Race 10 Premiere”

  1. India’s more “Asia” than “Middle East”, technically :)

    It’s weird, despite ALL the reality TV that I watch, I could never get into Amazing Race. And everybody seems to love that show!

  2. either head west to fremont bridge and head down westlake, or out through wallingford to the edge of the U-Dist at 45th.

    both ways suck, frankly.

    ps google maps’ solution only works if you’re a carpool (which the TAR teams would be, admittedly) and only if the hov lanes are going your way (which never seems to happen IME).

  3. Jeeze. I’d walk up toward 80th, catch the 16 to downtown, then catch then 194. For 1.25, can’t miss, catch HOV and probably beat everyone that has to park at SeaTac!


  4. Actually, Bilal and Sa’eed aren’t Middle Eastern either. They are African Americans. But it was strange that the Muslim and Indian teams both got eliminated in the first episode. At least there are still the Asians and other African American team still in the race (as of the 4th episode at least).

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