Back already!

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Well now, that didn’t take long!

As you can see, I’m back…mostly. I haven’t uploaded my old graphics/ directories yet, so many of my old (pre-Flickr) entries will be showing lots of broken images until I get all that taken care of. The most important part, however — getting the words transferred over — has been accomplished. Yay me!

Next steps include getting the images reloaded, taking care of dad’s site, and pfutzing around with the theme so I have something other than the default WordPress themeage going on.

Off and running like a herd of turtles…

10 thoughts on “Back already!”

  1. So weird to see you running WP. Hope the switch goes well for you. And feel free to ask questions – there’s lots of people willing to help with the transition.

  2. Thanks guys. :)

    Gotta admit, it’s plenty weird for me to see me running WP, too. I’m getting used to it (all the basic admin stuff is pretty slick), though there are some things I miss from MT (for instance, I do wish there was a link on a post editing screen to the comments and trackbacks on that post), and learning the theme system will be a project (though one I need to dive into soon, as I need to get my ads back up as soon as I can *). Overall, though, I’m liking it — and besides, Movable Type (and Six Apart) just seems to be far more concerned with corporate customers than individual bloggers anymore.

    * Yes, I know, nobody really likes ads, and anyone with half a brain is running Firefox with Adblock Plus…however, that still leaves me about 90% of the ‘net that’ll see the ads, and I can certainly use what few pennies they throw my way.

  3. I like the various banners as I move from blog to comments, etc. I especially like the pensive one with Rainier in the background.

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