I’d like to get further into customizing my site later on down the line, but for the moment, I think most of my tweaks will be pretty simple. I have had fun grabbing a selection of images to use for the randomized header image at the top of the page, however. Theoretically, you should see a different image each time the page is loaded.

More may be added to this as time goes by, but for now, here’s a rundown of what you might see (unless you’d prefer to be surprised, in which case, ignore what follows…):


Hairy Tulip

International Fountain

Kite Flying

Komodo Dragon and Boy


Me and a bird

My eyes

My eyes, taken with a Lensbaby

Me walking on a beach

Me and Prairie at Magnuson Park

Me trying to get my camera back

Prairie walking on a beach

Mt. Ranier


Chilly Seats




Moon over Mountains

Turnagain Arm



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  1. Your header images are fantastic and I see you moved to the k2 theme. Good choice. Do you have any thoughts on WordPress as a platform as opposed to Movable Type?

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