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I’ve updated (which I’m using to highlight my photography) to use Satellite. Since Dreamhost has a few security measures in place that needed to be worked around, I’m detailing my changes to the source code under the jump.

Change log from the Satellite v1.0 PHP4 source files:

  • /setUp/preferences.php:
    • added Tolka Rover‘s safe_file_get_contents function to work around Dreamhost disallowing the PHP file_get_contents function,
    • altered getSingleImage() according to sthane’s instructions to pull the intro page image from all photos tagged ‘myfavorites’ rather than just the most recent 56 images.
  • /xml/xml_domit_parser.php: changed all file_get_contents calls to safe_file_get_contents (lines 1632 and 1634 originally).
  • /index.php:
    • changed the title header to something more descriptive than ‘Site Title`,
    • added a link to this change log to the ‘powered by’ line.
  • /sets.php: changed the title header.
  • /set.php: changed the title header (this really should be a variable in the prefs file…).
  • /recent.php: changed the title header.
  • /tags.php: changed the title header.
  • /tag.php: changed the title header.
  • /permalink.php: changed the title header from Ted’s info to my info (heh…).
  • /contact.php:
    • changed the title header,
    • added my contact information.
  • /about.php:
    • changed the title header (yes, this should definitely be a variable…),
    • added some drivel about me.
  • Wondered why I didn’t just add a variable for the title header instead of whining about it, then figured I’d already changed them all, so it wasn’t worth going back and re-changing it after the fact. ;)

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  1. You should be using subversion — dreamhost has a one click install for it. It will help you keep track of this sort of changes when you need to upgrade to the next version and apply them again.

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