Something seems wrong about this paragraph, taken from the ‘textbook’ (actually a CD of Microsoft Word-generated HTML pages and some PowerPoint presentations) for my Domestic Violence class. Can you spot the goof?

However, two years after the release of the original Minneapolis police experiment, it was replicated in six other cities. The results from these new studies were much more supportive of the deterrent effect of arrest on domestic violence. Researchers in Milwaukee concluded that while arrest deters repeat domestic violence in the short run, arrests with brief custody increase the frequency of domestic violence in the long run. On and again kick Tracey in the head. After, three more officers arrived, they still allowed Charles to wander about the gathered crowd and the other hand, these replicative experiments have also been criticized for several reasons, including the failure to properly replicate the Minneapolis experiment. Thus, although not conclusive, there is some support to suggest that arrest has an effect in delaying, if not deterring, further incidences of domestic violence.

Amusingly, apparently someone did notice this, as there’s a hyperlinked footnote that says, “Who Kicked Tracey in the head? This paragraph does not flwo together….Charles wandered the croud, which replicative statements?” Guess that got missed before finalizing the files for the CD duplication.