So. Very. S…l…o…w….

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WordPress has gotten, really, really slow for me on this site, both on the outward-facing public side, and on the backend. I’m wondering if it might be a side effect of years and years of blogging (building up a total of almost 6,500 posts and almost 13,000 comments), plus trying various plugins here and there that probably often added extra fields to the database. I’m very tempted to do a full nuke-and-pave, exporting all the entries, building a brand-new WordPress install from the ground up, and then re-importing everything, but I worry about breaking all sorts of links (incoming, internal, and images) that I’d likely never have time to go back through and fix. At what point does the hassle of rebuilding stop outweighing the annoyance of a slow website?

2 thoughts on “So. Very. S…l…o…w….”

  1. Well, it took two full minutes to load this page, and another minute before I could type in this box. The recent photos on the right still haven’t loaded, and if you weren’t specifically asking for feedback about the tedium, I would have given up and not bothered commenting.
    Does that tip the scales?

  2. I really have a dread going to any article that’s on a wordpress site. Almost without exception the sites are slow to load taking sometimes minutes to completely show content. I’m also very over the fact that anytime you make a reply in comments on a wordpress site they beg you to verify that you want to follow. Dammit I expect you to deliver responses to posts. I don’t have to fucking approve every damned time I make a comment. WordPress is a lot of fail as far as I can see and I wonder why so many people use it if it’s just such a pain the aß.

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