Since I’ll hit 20 years of blogging this November, this year I’m posting a daily list of anything I published on this day in the past.

There are 22 posts previously published on February 26th

  • 2019
    • Unsolicited Mac app recommendation: I don’t have to use the command line very often, but when I do, I really enjoy using Cathode, a vintage terminal emulator. Scan lines! Green/amber (or whatever) screens! Curved CRTs! Fading scroll artifacts! It’s ridiculous and a lot of fun.
    • I’ve been thinking about moving away from WordPress for a while now, and I think I may have found my replacement backend: Grav. I’ve got a base install running. Next: play with settings and design, look for WordPress importers, external editor/microblog support options, etc.
    • Book twenty of 2019: Foundation and Empire, by Isaac Asimov. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1946 Retro Hugo Best Novel (for The Mule, part two of this book) 📚 Very much enjoying finally reading these (and surprised that it seems I never had, or had done so so long ago that I’d forgotten).
  • 2018
  • 2016
    • 57° at the end of the workday. I was comfortable without my coat! :) (57/366)
  • 2014
    • A somewhat better view of my one (so far) tattoo than in last night’s shot. Got this a few years before I left Alaska, so…oh, at least 15 years ago now. Someday I’ll get another – I know what and where, I just haven’t done it yet.
  • 2009
    • On the Neverending Story Yes, there's a chance that they're taking a film that's loved by many who were kids when it came out and 'updating' it to be bigger, louder, and _stupider_. However, if we're lucky, this could turn out to be one of those cases where they just might improve on the original.
  • 2005
    • …ask what you can do for your country. One night, George W. Bush is tossing restlessly in his White House bed.  He awakens to see George Washington standing by him.  Bush asks him, 'George, what's the best thing I can do to help the country?'
    • My Movable Type tweaks I got an e-mail from a friend who's in the process of switching over to Movable Type, and he asked if I had any recommendations for plugins or tweaks to the core system. Here's a look at what I'm currently using.
    • C-List Blogging According to Dave Pollard's breakdown, I'm a 'C-List Blogger'.
    • Theatre Plans The Seattle Times has announced the 5th Ave. Theatre's 2005-2006 season. Lots of good stuff coming up, including The King and I, but the one that's really catching my eye is Sweeny Todd.
  • 2004
    • Violence is ( bad | good ) ! Group One blames violence in video games and movies for the behavior of today's youth. Group Two buys out entire theaters for church groups, youth groups and families to see Mel Gibson's 'The Passion'. Any bets on just how separate those two groups really are?
    • An insider’s view of MS Word 6.0 Microsoft Word for the Mac versions 4 and 5 were my introductions to Word, and in the opinion of myself and many other people, were the pinnacle of Microsoft's Mac programming. Then came Word 6.
  • 2003
    • By the infinite dick of God I first found this on the 'net ages ago, and used to have a copy somewhere on my hard drive. I'd forgotten about it for a long time, then the phrase "by the infinite dick of God" popped into my head tonight, and I decided to search this out and...
    • We'll bomb who we want! The Propaganda Remix Project has a book of posters being released in March, complete with forward by Kurt Vonnegut, introduction by Howard Zinn, and commentary by the Center for Constitutional Rights. Looks worth picking up — my copy is on order.
    • New WTC plan chosen Well, it looks like the winning plan for the replacement complex for the WTC has been revealed. While it's not the one I favored, maybe it'll translate better into the real world than the pictures of it I've seen so far.
    • This isn't helping A few days ago, Robert Scoble asked what we think Microsoft should do in the future, both with technology and to improve their public persona. I haven't done much for coming up with a list of what they should do, but here's a hint to Micosoft: this is something you really shouldn't do.
    • Caring for your Introvert The worst of it is that extroverts have no idea of the torment they put us through. Sometimes, as we gasp for air amid the fog of their 98-percent-content-free talk, we wonder if extroverts even bother to listen to themselves. We can only dream that someday…it will not be impolite to say "I'm an introvert. You are a wonderful person and I like you. But now please shush."
  • 2002
  • 1995
    • [From Usenet: 2.26.95 0238] Somewhere around a year or more ago, there was an ftp site that had a remix of 'last' by Butch Vig that had been nixed from the 'fixed' ep. As far as I've been able to tell, it's not available anywhere else, and has never been released.

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