Star Trek: Picard S01E07 Nepenthe

This entry was published at least two years ago (originally posted on March 5, 2020). Since that time the information may have become outdated or my beliefs may have changed (in general, assume a more open and liberal current viewpoint). A fuller disclaimer is available.

Star Trek: Picard S01E07: As has been the case, the Borg cube pieces were weaker, but everything on Nepenthe with Troi, Riker, and their adorable daughter Kestra was so strong that this is by far the strongest episode of the season.

Just a few spoiler thoughts, because I was enjoying watching the episode so much I just let myself get caught up in it.

  • Okay, the sudden, unconsenting mind meld was startling on a number of levels. One, it’s been heavily hinted that Commodore Oh is Romulan, not Vulcan, which doesn’t seem to work with this…maybe she’s mixed? Or actually Vulcan after all? Also–non-consensual! That was one of the more unfortunate pieces of ST:TUD, and is still disturbing here. And beyond that, where did she get everything she pumped into Jurati’s brain?
  • Unibunny! Or, bunnicorn, actually–which apparently make for tasty sausage, once you take the venom sacs out.
  • Kestra’s “wild girl” makeup made me wonder if Princess Mononoke survived into the 24th century.
  • Really funny Empire Strikes Back/Discovery crossover reference by Jurati, with the “hide in a comet just to find out it’s a gormenghast” line.
  • Rios and Raffi’s “good cop/bad cop” routine was a clever way to deal with Jurati freaking out, and then she gets another cute-but-it-works line responding to Raffi saying she has just what she needs to make everything better, and replying, “Is it cake?”
  • And it was cake. Three huge pieces. But…red velvet? Red velvet isn’t a thing!
  • Narissa is still far too one-note, generic, “evil for the sake of evil” to be interesting.
  • Not entirely sure if Rios really thought that Raffi was the one being tracked, or if he was floating that idea to manipulate Jurati into confirming his suspicion that she was the one being tracked. It could read either way.
  • Absolutely everything on Nephenthe was wonderful. Seeing Troi and Riker again, getting to know their daughter, the way Kestra interacted and bonded with Soji, and that they’re comfortable enough to take Picard to task and remind him (again) of who he was and who he could be…so many good moments with all of them.