Since I’ll hit 20 years of blogging this November, this year I’m posting a daily list of anything I published on this day in the past.

There are 15 posts previously published on July 28th

  • 2017
    • Book thirty-four of 2017: Agent to the Stars, by John Scalzi. 🌟🌟🌟
  • 2016
    • Book thirty-five of 2016: Ghosts From Our Past, by Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates with Andrew Shaffer. 🌟🌟🌟 #ghostbusters #ghostbusters2016
    • Book thirty-four of 2016: The Black Hole, by Alan Dean Foster. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (210/366)
  • 2015
    • Two of the neighborhood kitties seem to be having a stare down in our yard.
  • 2014
    • Found this guy hanging out outside our garage. Creepy and cool!
    • Lunchtime picnics are good.
  • 2009
  • 2005
    • Newest Recruit I guess I'll need to expand my wardrobe a bit now...supplement my primarily black color scheme with a browncoat...
  • 2004
    • Tattoo number two: Ouroboros For some time now, I've been pondering what to get as a second tattoo. I didn't want to get something merely because it 'looked cool' or struck my fancy for a passing moment. Rather, I wanted to get something to both complement and balance the tattoo I already had.
    • Ash to Ash, Dust to Dust August 18, 1992. I was living in Anchorage in an apartment off of Muldoon Road, and working slinging popcorn at the Fireweed Theaters. It was a rather muggy, hot day, and I was quite happy to be getting off of work at 6pm that evening. One of the girls I worked with offered me a ride home, and on our way across town, we turned on the radio, anxious to hear about the day's news — the sudden eruption of Mt. Spurr, a volcano just across Cook Inlet from Anchorage.
    • Pay attention to the road, you idiots Years ago, while driving around Anchorage, I glanced to my right and saw a couple guys driving around with a portable DVD player sitting on the dashboard of their car, quite happily watching a movie as they motored around town. Well, the inevitable has finally happened: two people in Alaska were killed by a driver watching a movie on a dash-mounted DVD player.
  • 2003
    • Hostages We're now taking hostages, in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions, Protocol 1, Section III, Chapter 1, Article 75, Paragraph 2.
    • The curtain is lifting… The moment you've all been waiting for is almost upon us! Starting sometime later today, details about TypePad will be made public, and you'll finally get to see what I've been playing with these past few weeks.
  • 2002
    • Parable of the Talents The story of Lauren Olamina, a woman with a mission to spread the word of Earthseed, a religion with the destiny of bringing mankind to the stars in a post-apocalyptic (though not nuclear) near-future America.
    • Tongue tied 29 years of age, I really should be able to deal with talking to someone of the opposite sex without getting entirely tongue tied, shouldn't I?

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