Two small steps away from relying on Amazon for bookish needs:

I’m moving my book tracking away from Goodreads in favor of The StoryGraph. Not quite as full featured (yet), but gaining features, and doesn’t pump your data into Amazon’s systems. And if you don’t want to lose your Goodreads data, no worries! The StoryGraph can import it. Here’s my profile.

For a while now, I’ve been ordering new books from, which allows you to to choose an independent bookstore (ideally, one near you) to get a cut of every purchase you make. Sure, you’ll probably spend a little more, and your books won’t always arrive on the very day they’re released, but if you can afford a couple more dollars per book and a few days before you dive in, it’s well worth sending your money to small independent bookstores instead of Amazon.

For used books, if local used bookstores aren’t an option (which currently is very pandemic-dependent), I’ll order from Powell’s whenever possible.

Little things, perhaps, but they make me feel better about how I choose to spend my money.