Year 50 Day 110

A dark photo of my wife and I, both wearing masks, sitting in auditorium seats. People around us are half-visible and blurred due to the long exposure.

Day 110: Today included watching England fall to Spain in the final match of the Women’s World Cup (to great dismay among the fans gathered in the ship’s onboard pub), the first in a series of four talks by astrophysicist Prof. Nathan Mayne of the University of Exeter about our search for habitable extrasolar worlds, a (somewhat entry level) planetarium show, a live performance by acapella-with-drums vocal performance group ODY-C (technically fine but missing any real spark, making them dull and lifeless; basically Pentatonix for people who don’t want to risk raising their heart rate), closing out with big band music on the big dance floor and dancing to a fun pop cover band and DJ in the ship’s nightclub.

Bonus photos: The agony of defeat in the pub, waiting for the astrophysics lecture to begin, and listening to live big band music.

Viewers react to England's World Cup loss in the shipboard pub.

A view of the lecture hall and planetarium from the back, with people starting to take seats and an image of a starfield on the screen on the stage.

Musicians playing big band music from the stage at the front of the dancefloor of the ship's ballroom.