Year 50 Day 119

My wife and I, masked, seated in an airplane.

Day 119: Goodbye London! We checked out of our hotel, caught a cab to Heathrow, and boarded our plane for home. After a long day of flying (two flights, with a brief layover in Calgary), we landed in Seattle. Instead of going straight home, however, we went to the DoubleTree Hotel near the airport (which, thanks to Norwescon, we’re very familiar with) so that we could spend two nights there huddled behind their heavy-duty blackout curtains in an attempt to force our clocks through the eight-hour time change.

Bonus photos: Me in the Calgary airport during our layover with a herd of bison, and saying hello to the DoubleTree.

Me standing in front of an airport sculpture of bison, done in a very rounded and cute style.

Me in front of the DoubleTree Hotel in SeaTac.