Year 50 Day 318

Me holding the 4K release of The Abyss.

Day 318: It’s Abyss day! The Abyss has long been a favorite film of mine (particularly the special edition cut), but the best quality release it’s had for years was the 2000 DVD release, which was a non-anamorphic presentation. Even at the time that was a disappointment, but as the years passed, and there was no word of an anamorphic release, and then no word of a Blu-ray release, it got more disappointing. As recently as 2020, many people figured that was all we’d ever get. So it’s quite exciting to finally have it released and in my hands!

Amusingly, it’ll likely be next weekend before I actually watch it. My only 4K drive is attached to my computer, and I use it to rip movies, not watch them directly. So before I can watch it, I have to get it onto my media server, and my particular process is, admittedly, somewhat time-consuming (rip both versions of the film in both 4K and HD, plus all the special features in whatever quality they are, extract the subtitles from all of them, OCR and correct the subtitles, compress the .mkv files to .m4p, and move everything onto the media server). I’ve waited 24 years for a better release, I can wait another week.