Year 50 Day 327

Me on a path next to marshland, with a Canadian Goose visible in a pond just behind me.

Day 327: While on our walk this morning, the goose just visible in the pond behind me was standing with another goose on the side of the path. As we walked past, it apparently decided I was a bit too close, and gave me a bit of a hiss as we walked by. Warning taken! These suckers get mean. We stayed well on the other side of the path as we walked back.

Bonus shots: A couple other nice shots from the walk, and the eggs we dyed today because I’ll be busy at Norwescon for most of Easter weekend.

Just-budding pussywillows on a branch, shot from below so they're set against dramatic clouds in the sky.

Small white apple blossom flowers (we think) on branches near a Soos Creek Trail sign.

Eighteen freshly dyed eggs in bright red, yellow, pink, greens, and blues, in an egg carton in the sun.