Year 50 Day 335

Me at my desk at home, next to two stacks of Star Trek books, including all the James Blish logs, some of the photonovels, and near complete sets of the TNG and DS9 YA series.

Day 335: I always take the Monday after con off so that I can rest and recover. I got a full normal night’s sleep plus an extra couple hours after my wife left for work, unpacked my suitcase and did laundry, made some con website and social media updates, and processed and posted the audio from the Thursday night dance. A nice low-key day to transition from the con world back into my normal routines.

Bonus shots from various points over the convention weekend: A couple 3D-printed goodies handed to me by a con friend (the skull for me and the gnome for my wife), the PKD nominated books on display in the Dealers’ Room (they apparently sold quite well, nearly all gone by the last day), and a shot of the beginning of our opening ceremonies showing the stage with the live-caption screens on either side.

A tiny female gnome printed in grey with a painted red hat, and a tiny ornately carved skull printed in ivory with tinted carvings.

A table display with all of this year's Philip K. Dick Award nominated books.

A hotel ballroom with a stage set up at one end and an audience sitting in chairs facing the stage; one person and five empty chairs are on the stage in front of a large screen with the convention artwork projected on it; large video displays on either side of the stage show captions.