Year 50 Day 365

Me in front of a table surrounded by college students, behind the table are banners for the Access Services department and Achieve program.

Day 365: Had a good afternoon supporting our students with intellectual disabilities, as they tabled and gathered signatures in support of Highline proclaiming today IPSE (Inclusive Postsecondary Education) Day. The proclamation was officially approved later at the Associated Students of Highline College meeting, along with official approval of the college’s new SPICE (Students Promoting Inclusive Culture and Education) club, a student advocacy club for students with disabilities. Great job, everyone!

A large poster with the IPSE day proclamation. It has three different colored Sharpie pens sitting on it, and has a number of signatures in different colors on the bottom, with space for more.

ASHC IPSE Day Proclamation

WHEREAS, the Associated Students of Highline College recognize the importance of inclusive postsecondary education (IPSE) for students with intellectual disability;

WHEREAS, May 1st, 2024, marks the celebration of Inclusive Postsecondary Education Day (#IPSEDay2024), a day dedicated to raising awareness and advocating for the expansion of postsecondary education options for individuals with intellectual disabilities;
WHEREAS, inclusive postsecondary education programs provide invaluable opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities to pursue higher education, continue learning after high school, and attain competitive employment opportunities;

WHEREAS, inclusive postsecondary education fosters an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion within college and university campuses by welcoming students of all abilities;

WHEREAS, despite progress, there remains a significant need to educate students, families, educators, and communities about the availability and benefits of inclusive postsecondary education programs; and

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Associated Students of Highline College do hereby proclaim, from this year forward, May 1st as Inclusive Postsecondary Education Day at Highline College, and encourage all students, faculty, staff, and community members to participate in activities aimed at promoting awareness and understanding of inclusive postsecondary education options for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

FURTHERMORE, we urge all individuals and organizations to utilize social media platforms, educational resources, and advocacy efforts to amplify the message of inclusion and to advocate for the expansion of inclusive postsecondary education opportunities nationwide.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we affix our signatures on this proclamation on behalf of the Associated Students of Highline College, on this day, May 1st, 2024.