Hedwig – first impressions

I just got done watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch and…well…to be honest, I’m not really sure right off the bat just what I thought of this film. I’m going to let it percolate in my brain for a bit — I’ve got to get to bed right now and post more thoughts on it later.

For now, though, I did want to put up the lyrics to one of the songs in the film, “Origin of Love.” Wonderful song, great lyrics.

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Infocom presents Tetris

Y’know, you might only get this if you’ve been using computers for a long time…but I think it’s hilarious. Royce will, too, if he hasn’t seen it already (or, perhaps, if it’s just been a while). Tom will probably understand too. The rest of you…well, you’ll just have to bear with us ‘old-timers’.

Basically, Infocom was a company that did some of the earliest computer games, back when everything was completely text-based. Think Zork, or the origininal Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game. If you have to ask…you won’t get it.

You are looking at the shaft. A large red block, four units by one
unit, is above your head, dropping slowly. It has its long edge
horizontally aligned.

>turn the block

I don't know how to "turn" something.
The block descends lower.

>rotate block

The block rotates in mid air, now with the long edge vertically
The block descends lower.

>move block left

The block shifts to the left.
The block descends lower.

>drop block

You aren't holding the block.
The block descends lower.

>move block down

The block drops into the narrow gap, filling the four columns.
The columns flash twice, then vanish, dropping the blocks
above them down.  A musical tone is heard.

[Your score increased by 20!]

A square grey block, two units by two units, is now overhead,
slowly dropping.

— This is from a post I found that was originally posted to alt.religion.kibology, by Dave A. Largtigue.

A splash of color

I did a little bit of dinking around on the site this evening. Nothing really incredible, just playing with some of the styles that I use. Added the green background, made the day division headers stand out a bit more, changed the color of the text for quotes so that there’s a more visible difference between my babble and quoted babble, and rearranged the links a bit.

The wierd thing is, somehow this seems to have borked up the comments boxes a little bit — they now don’t quite fit within the defined window size. I’m not sure why…will experiment a bit to clear that up, though.

Lots of moves, and Casey turns 30

I’m a little tired right now, and kind of sore (there’s a nasty flu bug going around that I think I might be catching), but I wanted to toss a quick post up before I crashed out for the night.

Candice in her new roomI’ve spent much of the past couple weekends helping Candice move. She was able to get a new room in a different wing of the college, so she’s out of the standard dorm situation. A much bigger room, with a bathroom all her own — she’s quite excited about this. Can’t say as how I blame her, either — I know I’m really enjoying having my own space rather than the roommate situation I’ve been in ever since I moved out of my folks’ house.

Speaking of moving, it appears that my move is going forward as well. I’ve given Melvin my rental application, and he’s said I should be ready to move in on March 15th. This will most likely mean that my webpage will be offline for a while (grrrrrrr…) as I get the DSL line transferred over to the new apartment. I’ve got a bad feeling it could be as much as a month to a month and a half, as Speakeasy apparently can’t connect a DSL line until I’ve had a phone line up for a month, plus there’s the time for the connection to actually get made. Ah, well…so it goes…I’ll make it as short a time as possible, however.

The kitty litter cakeCasey hit that wonderful 30 about two weeks ago, but everyone’s been so busy that we weren’t able to have the party until this weekend. However, it ended up going pretty well. Dez made an absolute masterpiece of a cake, as you can see in the picture here — a kitty litter cake! I don’t think I remember quite all of it, but I think it was crumb cake and white cake crumbled into pieces and mixed with pudding, put into a litterbox, with a litter scooper for a cutting/serving tool, and complete with Tootsie Rolls melted and formed into the right shapes to serve as kitty poop! Dez was bouncing around the kitchen when I showed up, completely thrilled with herself for creating this thing — and I laughed as soon as I saw it.

It’s wonderful having sick friends sometimes.

Casey eats kitty poopThe cake was a hit with the rest of the group too — once they could convince themselves that it actually was edible (though one or two of them had to remove any ‘poop’ from their plate before they could actually eat any of it). We all sat and talked and joked around for the evening, and it was a pretty nice night. They’d done the whole party with a ‘white trash’ theme, complete with weenie wraps, pork rinds, and cheeze-in-a-can for the crackers, and to top it all off (aside from the cake, of course) — pig’s feet! The pigs feet even got sampled, too, though I decided that that was one culinary adventure I really didn’t need to explore. In any case, was a good evening. Candice and I stayed until a bit after 11pm, when she ran me home, and she went back out to campus.

And that pretty much catches up to where we are now. Until later….

The pope said what?

In November, the frail and ailing Pontiff sent his first email, a message sent to his Bishops in Oceania in lieu of what would be a taxing visit. “This new Internet is a Blessing from the Lord,” the Pope said through an interpreter, “but Jesus Motherfarking Christ, these annoying-ass pop-up ads are farking pissing me off.”

The Schmews

The return of Spudnuts

I got the following off of the comment thread from this post by Wil’s wife on WWDN. Yes, I know i’ve been mentioning that site fairly often lately…but Wil rocks, as does his wife, and as do many of the people who read and comment on his site. It’s become a daily stop for me.

Anyway, one of the regular readers and posters-of-comments has been MIA for a while. Last night at around 2am, Spudnuts returned with a vengeange. Whoever Spudnuts is, he’s one of the funniest guys I’ve read stuff from — and the following series of posts demanded to be saved. If you read this, I hope you get as much of a giggle out of it as I did. The majority of the posts are by Spudnuts, plus there’s a few relevant posts by other WWDN regulars in there too.

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Cross-platform 2.0

Tom was good enough to send me two screenshots of my site that he took on his *nix box. Generally good results, but (sigh) not perfect. In any case, I’ve updated my browser compatibility chart with his submissions.

Thanks Tom!

MT Upgrade

While I’m sure this matters to absolutely nobody except me, I thought I’d post a quick note to track the changes — I’ve just upgraded Movable Type (the scripts that I use to run and manage my blog) to version 1.4. If anyone reading this is tech-geeky enough to care, here’s a list of the changes in this upgrade. I may be playing with some of these new features in the future….


Need a cheap excuse to party? At 8:02pm tonight, if you use military time, it will be 20:02 20/02 2002. This won’t happen again until Dec. 12, 2112 at 12:12pm — and won’t happen again after that.

But I’ll be sure to put a post up here to remind you all then.

Seven things

Wil has a wonderful post up on his site where he suggests making a list of 7 things we’re thankful for. The comments for the thread have a ton of these lists from the various people reading Wil’s site — the following is what I posted.

Well, I’m a little late to the party, but that’s okay. Fashionably late is cool, right? :)

7 things I’m thankful for…in no particular order…

  1. Waking up a little late to predictions of clouds and rain…then making it to work on time and watching the clouds blow by and blue skies and sunshine lighting up downtown Seattle.
  2. The fact that I’m finally actually living in Seattle rather than Anchorage, Alaska.
  3. Growing up in Anchorage. I had all sorts of goofball experiences and made wonderful friends that I wouldn’t have otherwise.
  4. Having three weddings to go to within the next two years — James and Stacy this June, Casey and Jenny this July, and my brother Kevin and Emily next year sometime.
  5. Old friends that were here when I moved down, new friends that I’ve been making since I moved down, and a girlfriend that’s kind of a bizarre combination of both of those, in a wierd sort of way.
  6. Movies, music, books, and ‘puters — four things that, both collectively and individually, I spend way too much money on. But that’s the point of having the money there in the first place, right?
  7. Life. Just being here. Seeing each day pass by, with all of the good and bad things that happen. Knowing that no matter how bad things seem to be at any given point, there are always more days coming along that can — and will — hold wonders just as amazing as whatever may be getting me down.

It’s an incredible world we live in, and it’d be a pity not to step back, look around, and actually see some of the things we tend to take for granted. Thanks for this list suggestion, Wil, and thanks to for everyone who’s contributing (maybe that’s number 8 on my list?).

Cool beans.