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[Note: This was originally a post to the IRN, run by Royce for a few years in the early ’90s. I’m including it here for completeness. Originally archived here.]

#074 ACAD2A::ASRDW1 Thu 17 Oct 1991 10:39:16 ( 7/ 255) M

From: Royster
Subject: TA-DA!!!! The First Question!!

Okay, same rules as before – answers are taken until a week from today, when I send the next one out – but try to have them in by next Tuesday so we can get back onto the old schedule

Here’s the question:

“What’s it like being you?” (Please elaborate)

#05 ACAD2A::ASMDH Thu 17 Oct 1991 12:18:11 ( 8/ 551)

From: The Woodmeister
Subject: Re: TA-DA!!!! The First Question!!

Being me…I blindly stumble through an undending maze of color, shape, and sound. Some of it makes sense, some of it doesn’t, all of it is amusing. I often wonder if these shapes control themselves, or whether I subconciously control them, creating the world around me as I go. If so, I have one hell of a sense of humor, for I currently find almost everything at least slightly amusing, and often laugh for what most people see as for no reason at all. However, as long as the world around me continues to amuse me, I see no reason to complain.