🖖 #StarTrekDiscovery S02E08: For all I think DSC needs to do its own thing, a TOS-heavy episode was one of the best so far. Enjoyed the Cage recap, esp. the cut from TOS Pike to DSC Pike. Happily impressed by Peck’s Spock; he has the gravitas and delivery down. Good episode.

🖖 #StarTrekDiscovery S02E07: Yay! No more Spock-teasing! Space squid are fun, and Tilly gets flustered around causality violations. Glad Pike at least mentioned Ash killing Culber. Still really unsure about Section 31, all the Spock stuff, and now time travel, but holding on.

🖖 #StarTrekDiscovery S02E06: 90% strong episode, but that last 10%…I have serious concerns with the Discovery’s actions in this episode. Pike did far more than bend General Order 1. Sigh. Mixed feelings tonight. Oh, and (unsurprisingly) my theory about Saru was wrong after all.

🖖 #StarTrekDiscovery S02E05: Mostly continues the stronger season. I’m really enjoying Pike, the adventures in the Upside Down, and the “sinking ship” effects were really fun. But I’m not sold on the non-secret Section 31, and the continuing Spock teases are ever more annoying.

🖖 #StarTrekDiscovery S02E04: A marked improvement over last week (no Klingons makes a big difference). Mysteries, science and technobabble, pissy fungus blobs, Number One, and reasons for no holograms on the Big E and (potentially) for no spore drive! Much better!

🖖 #StarTrekDiscovery S02E03: Meh. I’m all good with Tilly’s snarky space fungus, but all the Klingon stuff dragged. It was like this episode was half season two, half season one, and that wasn’t a good thing. My least favorite S2 episode so far. Fingers crossed for next week.

While I’m very glad the Klingons look more like Klingons and less like vampires from Buffy the Vampire Slayer this season, I have to admit to being amused that when they gave L’Rell hair, they entirely reshaped the back of her head. Looks like she lost about 1/4 of her skull. 🖖

On Klingon Coiffures

Some semi-serious musing about Discovery season two:

Two things that we know at this point (not the only two things, just two things germane to this): season two starts immediately following season one, and every Klingon we’ve seen in the trailer, including L’Rell, now have their traditional (well, from TNG onward) long, flowing locks.

Which tells me one of three things: there’s a fairly substantial time jump sometime during season two, Klingon hair grows extremely quickly, or the Discovery producers were so intent on satisfying this particular aspect of fanwank that they didn’t think about that aspect.

Or, I suppose, the Klingon market for hair weaves suddenly exploded.

Linkdump for October 2nd through November 9th

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