Quotebook updates

Well, when I nuked a fair amount of my site, one of the things I managed to kill was the random quote generator that displays a randomly selected quote underneath the quotebook link in the contents bar and on the quotebook introduction page. So, I’m working on going through my quotebook and re-creating the list of quotes for the generator to pull from, and as I do so, I’m adding hyperlinks where appropriate to the attributions. In so doing, I believe Royce may end up with more links to his site from mine alone than from the rest of the ‘net in totality. Never let it be said I never do a friend a favor — no matter how completely goofball it may be.


I lost my blog!

I had some problems with my webserver earlier this weekend, which necessitated having to reinstall the system. When I copied the essential files for my website off the box, I forgot one crucial little directory — and managed to completely bork up my blog software. Dammit.

I think I’ve still got all the essential information at the moment, it’ll just be a bit of a chore to see if I can get it all put back in. I don’t have any way of fooling the software into believing that all these files are actually part of the current install, so I may need to do a lot of hand work to get the old posts back in. But — if I can’t do it — well, it looks like I’m just starting over.

New blog software – MovableType

Okay, I’m finally up and running! This kept me up longer than it should have, as I’m supposed to be packing so that I can head up to Alaska right after work tomorrow, but it’s done now. I switched my weblog software from NewsPro over to Movable Type. Took me a bit to get everything set up and configured right so that it didn’t require re-coding this entire page, but everything seems to be up and working now.

There’s a new comments system to play with, and in general a lot more features for me to experiment with. I’ve still got some cleaning up to do — for instance, the archives aren’t online yet, nor do I know if I can enable the search or e-mail functions the way I had them just yet, but I’m looking into it. I’ll get to that some other time, though — at the moment, it’s time for me to pack, and then get some sleep.

That’s more like it

Okay — finally figured out the tricks to the css code I was working on, so now the site looks like I was aiming for way back when when I started this whole redesign thing. It’s a fairly minor change from what it’s been for a few months, but I like this a bit better. It’s about time I got it figured out…managed to do it without screwing things up this time. :)

Two more projects coming up — the first is going to be changing the .cgi I use to post news to Moveable Type, as it’s got a fair amount of features that my current .cgi (NewsPro) doesn’t have, or if it does, they’re not quite as smoothly integrated. Secondly, finally going through the rest of the site and actually getting all the pages using a consistent look — something that I just haven’t gotten done yet. Ah, well.

But for now — time to head out, get some food, do some shopping, and other fun things along those lines.

Hasta la bye-bye.

Site fixed, new addy, and LOTR

Okies — first off, I was able to restore this main page from a recent backup, so the page is back to normal again.

Secondly — www.djwudi.com is active! Yay! I’ll go ahead and leave the old djwudi.dyndns.org addy active for a while, but the preferred address for my site is now www.djwudi.com. Woohoo!

Lastly — just got back not too long ago from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. In a word — incredible. I’m not sure I can get much more than that out yet, a more detailed review will have to wait, but…. Well, I enjoy fantasy movies, and they’re a lot of fun, but this is the first time I can remember that a fantasy film was that good and true to the spirit of the genre, completely sweeping you up in its world and carrying you along the entire time. Just wonderful.

And it’s going to be a long year until the next part….


Well, I was experimenting a bit with the layout of the site, and managed to more or less hose things fairly well. So…things don’t look quite right at the moment. I’ll try to get them straightened out as soon as I can, but not sure when that’ll be — tomorrow night is Lord of the Rings, so I’ll be home late. Grrrr….