Lie, lie, and lie again. And if that doesn’t work, then lie some more.

In most cases, it wouldn’t matter much that a 40-year-old long-time heavy drinker refused to admit to his alcoholism, nor that years later, he continued to play word games when asked about his cocaine use. Doctors might say that denial isn’t good for a person’s recovery, but that wouldn’t affect the rest of us.

The difference in this case is that the substance abuser somehow became president of the United States. And by hiding his earlier problems, George W. Bush learned what is becoming a dangerous lesson — that his family and political connections can protect him from the truth.

(via Len)

One thought on “Bush family values

  1. I am deeply troubled by the wording of this article. Everyone makes mistakes, even the president. The difference is is that he worked through his mistake and is no longer abusing. Unlike many people in this world who do abuse, he learned from his mistake. I think people should quit being so hypocritical and look and the downfalls they have themselves. Alocoholism is a disease and everyone should be happy that he got through it on his own.

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