Can anyone find me the famous picture from around 1994 of Binky the polar bear prancing around his cage in the Alaska Zoo with the Australian tourist’s sneaker hanging out of his mouth?

Just in case you’re not an Alaskan (or Austrailan, I hear the story was pretty popular down there, too), and want to know what I’m babbling about…

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP)- A polar bear that chewed on a couple of folks may seem an unlikely cult hero. But this is Alaska, and, well, things are different here.

Not that people don’t feel sympathy for those nursing their wounds, it’s just that Alaskans think you get what you deserve when you act stupid around a wild animal – even one that lives in a zoo.

“I feel sorry for the people who got hurt, but in both cases it was their own fault,” says Sammye Seawell, director of the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage, where Binky the polar bear lives.

The first problem arose in July, when an Australian tourist paid a high price for venturing too close to Binky’s cage.

The woman was climbing over the second of two safety rails to get a close-up photo when the 850-pound bear stuck his head through the bars and grabbed her in his jaws.

She escaped with a broken leg and bite wounds. Another visitor caught the scuffle on videotape, including a shot of Binky pacing around his pen later with the woman’s red and white running shoe in his mouth.

That attack spawned a T-shirt featuring Binky, the shoe and the words \”Send more tourists – this one got away.

Alaska shook its collective head and chalked the mauling up to tourist naivete. The woman later earned a measure of local respect by admitting she was at fault and promising not to sue.

Six weeks later, the 20-year-old bear was back on the front page. Two Anchorage teenagers decided – apparently after a long night of drinking – to take a dip in the pool Binky shares with his furry companion, Nuka.

Police say the pair snuck into the zoo and were stripping down in front of the cage when Binky showed up and locked his jaws onto one of them.

The teen was pulled away by his friend, but not before Binky had left him with leg injuries. Both teens face trespassing and underage drinking charges.

Since then, it’s been take-no-prisoners Binkymania.

There are jokes – “The state won’t be asking for any jail time for the kid – it already has its pound of flesh.”

There are more hot-selling T-shirts – “Binky for Governor: Take a Bite Out of Crime.” There is music – a local comedy revue worked up a rap song by “Bad Blood Binky” that includes the lines “Drink a case of Bud and act real cool – Like a teenage mutant brain-dead fool.”

There have been editorial cartoons – one shows Binky saying to Nuka, “Mauled teen-ager, my butt – how about ‘Hero bear prevents youth from drowning?”

And there have been letters to the editor of the Anchorage Daily News. Lots of them, all pro-Binky.

“When foolish people place their name on Binky’s dinner menu, we should have the decency to allow Binky to eat his entire meal, in peace,” one said.

Another encouraged zoo keepers to set aside a day for people to come and play with Binky if they want to: \”This program would solve two problems. The food bill for Binky would be reduced and the test scores for our schools would certainly rise.

Zoo director Seawell says she’s gotten more than 100 letters from around the world, and not one of them blamed the bear.

To protect the bears from the visitors, the zoo has erected two strands of electric wire outside the cage and installed a motion detector that blares an alarm.

— AP report from Sept. 1994

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  1. this is really a favorite alaskan tale. binky has since passed on to the great tourist trap in the sky.

    I found the picture though. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a crappy black and while copy. Also, the control for the icky music is in the bottom left corner.

  2. You so rock.

    Whoever built that page doesn’t though. Good music ruined by bad MIDI, and the “off” button didn’t work in Safari. [shudder] The pain, the pain…

  3. I’ve been searching for the picture of Binky for a while now, and I stumbled
    to this site. I am so excited! Thank you for the question and the answer.

  4. i remember hearing this story once from our librarian at chester valley. i was so pyched because she had an example of each shoe from the story. i also remember seeing binky at the zoo . it was pretty sweet and i wish i stilllived in alaska right now

  5. Yes what a story. I have the picture on a sweatshirt that I have for sale to the top bidder! I had seen Binky also. Yes they are cute but they are still a dangerous animal.

  6. I’m from Alaska, and that was the joke of the year back when it happened. T-shirts were everywhere, the newspapers joked about it non-stop. I was even ‘mauled by binkie’ for halloween once. Those fence jumpers had it coming. :)

  7. lokkie here… i run a search on Binky and fall here. Must be fate or someshit. No what was i doing? ~wanders~

  8. Some may find this hard to believe, but my dad is the one who found and named “Binky” the polar bear. He was working on the north slope in Alaska and he found the baby polar bear digging in the garbage. He was afraid that the wolverines would get to the bear and made a cage in his trailer and kept the bear until the DNR came to pick him up about a month later! Incredible story and we really never thought a whole lot about it, and then when I saw that clip from “animals attack” I had to call my dad to tell him about it! My dad spent the winters working in Alaska when we were little and continues to go however he no longer works on the north slope at 71 years of age!!!! :)


  9. That women was an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!! If she didn’t break the rules she wouldn’t have been putin the postion that she was put in if she wasn’t so fucking stupid!!! WHO THE FUCK GOES INTO A FUCKING BEAR SHOWCASE WITHOUT A DEATH WISH!! HELLO!!?? IT’S A FUCKING BEAR!!!HOW STUPID CAN YOU Be??? i WOULD THINK THAT THE BEAR WOULD HAVE BITTEN OFF MY LIMB…OH WAIT…YES IT HAS….AND I HAVE NOW LEARNED FROM EXPERIENCE THAT BEARS DO BITE STUPID PEOPLE!! DUH!!! HOW MORE STUPID CAN YOU GET??????????DUH

  10. LOL Saturday Night Live did a skit starring Binkey that I will never forget, I remember this Mania quite well and Binkey was soooooo cool back when it all went down. I wish SNL would run the skit again so I could share it with my kids!

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