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So it appears that SocialDynamX, creators of FMRadio for Radio Userland (Disclaimer: I know nothing about either of these products) is working on creating a custom interface for MovableType.

First impression? Ugh, that’s horrid.

Now, I’m a little unclear from looking at their site as to whether that’s a replacment for the default MT interface that you see in your web browser (as is implied by the term “skin”), or whether it’s a seperate standalone program for posting to MT (such as Kung-Log, UserSpace or Zempt). If it’s a standalone program, then okay, it’s most likely Windows-based, and the horrid ugly interface makes sense. But if it’s a “skin” designed to replace the standard MT interface within the browser — why is it so verschluggene ugly?

I was going to go into more detail, but I’ve gotta head off to work, and I’m out of time. Judge for yourself, I guess. ;)

(via Scoble)

6 thoughts on “Custom MT skins?

  1. Hm. Seems like they have a problem with using the word skin. It looks like a ‘skin’ for the MT user interface to me though.

    Actually, skin is an accurate word – you can skin winamp, right? The problem is that when it comes to blogs, ‘skinning’ usually refers to switching stylesheets on a site rather than changing the interface of the publishing program behind it.

    it is pretty ugly, but probably i have that reaction because it looks so much like Microsoft Word.

    Someone needs to make a band named KMFMW. It certainly isn’t me – I can play an instrument, but that instrument is a clarinet. Clarinet usually doesn’t fit too well in a band with a name like KMFMW.

  2. You should. :) The people who got the joke would probably think it was funny, the people who didn’t would just be clueless. You should do it up like a band shirt and everything. Put a list of fake ‘show locations’ on the back, but don’t put New Orleans or Denver, put ‘Hell,’ ‘Death Star,’ and other more appropriate places. Give it a tour name, like ‘Reign of the Evil Empire’ or something. It could be quite fun. :)

  3. Michael, I hate to do this. I figured you’d get it eventually but it looks like I have to resort to force:

    Quit capitalizing the S in the middle of Userspace! ;)

    (And no, that’s not a quirky way of spelling it – plenty of others have come before.)

    That said, thanks for all your feedback and help, and be looking for a new beta soon – i am down to one bug left to be stomped out of existence before beta 3.

  4. Whoops. My Bad. Will Do. As Soon As I Can Get Out Of The Habit, At Least. Might Take A Couple More Reminders, But I’ll Work On It. :)

    (Damn, it’s hard to type like that…)

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