Okay, everyone, pay attention now — this is important.

When you replace the roll of toilet paper (because I’m sure you all do that as soon as the last roll is done, rather than letting the empty cardboard tube sit there, mocking whatever unlucky soul is the next to use the restroom, teasing them with the lack of available toilet paper as they desperately cast their gaze around the room, hoping that they’re not going to have to do a pants-around-the-ankles waddle across the bathroom because the fresh rolls are, of course, stored just out of arms reach)…


toilet paper over the roll

Or under?

toilet paper under the roll

16 thoughts on “One of life's eternal battles

  1. It’s got to be over. That’s what I do, that’s what My mom does [did?], and I’ll bet that’s what HER mom did — after they graduated from Sears catalogs, of course.

  2. UNDER! Pops may think the triangle potential is worth over-ing but that’s only because he is still longing to be back on the cruise ship. Any cruise ship. I think UNDER is more aesthetically pleasing. Uh, when you spend time in the cuarto de bano worrying about aesthetics, anyway … like the baseboard heater cover UNDER the tissue station that is RUSTING AWAY … or the peeling paint that results from the same moisture problem that is RUSTING the baseboard cover … stop me … someone …

  3. Hrm. I’ve historically been an “over” man, but therealmom’s aesthetic argument is interesting — hadn’t ever thought of that before. Over seems to be justifiable in the practicality department — one can see the perforation and control the ripping process. I’ve seen some opinions above but no reasoning except for therealmom’s, so stand up (er, if you’re finished) and be counted!

    Of course, there is the other big debate — fold or wad? Wadding seems to have more insurance, if you know what I mean, but folding seems less wasteful. I think there have actually been some studies on this one, but I couldn’t find a formal one. Some links that I did find:


  4. Sorry, but the correct answer is… Over
    Studies have indicated that when the paper is under, people when reaching for a second serving of paper run their fingers along the wall contaminating the wall with… uh… undesirable matter.
    The danger lies not in what is seen but rather what us unseen.
    You simply don’t want the back wall to be a source of bacterial growth.
    Over is out away from the wall, keeping the wall clean and dry.

    But still the very best thing you can do is wash your hands when finished.

    I fold (for whatever its worth).

  5. gotta got with over.

    i remember when this was a big debate amongst Ann Landers readers. I was just a tot but found it fascinating. scarred me for life.

  6. I just care if there’s freaking toilet paper in the bathroom! I don’t care which way the rolls unravels, as long as it unravels :-)

    As for folding or wadding – I wad. I’m just fastidious that way. I need the insurance.

  7. Over, over, over.

    I mean, come on – if it’s under, some one is going to be rolling that thing around and around looking for the start point…

  8. under. It is so nice to look at in the ‘under position’ over is so rough and “in your face!” please, people, under is the ONLY way to be fully satisfied while on the can. Thank you.

  9. I would have to look at my options. If you go under then you don’t have to worry about the cat unrolling the roll as much. With it going under you can also roll it back up much easier.
    However with looking at the bacteria comments from above and just for the fact of presentation I would have to go with over because the folded point makes all the difference. I also agree with being able to make a cleaner break by being able to see where it breaks.

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