One of the few disadvantages of my current job situation is that I’m bound by the rules and regulations of the company I work for, rather than those of the company I work at (the print shop is a contracted deal, where my company has an on-site shop that does the internal print needs for a local telecommunications company).

I just spent a few minutes chatting with a gentleman sporting a denim Utilikilt, one of seven that he owns (one for every day of the week). Unfortunately, while the company I’m working at obviously has no problem with kilts in the workplace, the company I work for is far more strict with their dress code.

I actually looked into the official company dress code when I first got my kilt, and while the corporate policy merely states “black slacks or skirt”, regional and district managers have the authority to fine-tune the dress code policies, and our district manager has decreed black slacks across the board (and thus preventing any possible discrimination charges).

A shame, really, but that’s just the way it is. Someday I’ll manage to land myself a dream job (good hours, good pay, something I enjoy, and a decent dress code), but until then…well, the bills do need to get paid.