While I’ve met Ted and Julie Leung and their daughters a couple times at local weblogger gatherings, for one reason or another, their sites never found their way into my newsreader — I’m not quite sure why, but that was the case. A couple coincidences this morning (Paul Beard linking to a post of Julie’s, then adding randomseattle to my Flickr contacts, which then led me to both Ted and Julie on Flickr) prompted me to finally fix that oversight.

While I was catching up on Julie’s posts, I found out that she’s set up a photoblog for her daughters, and it became a sweet way to start my day, looking at the world through their eyes for a few minutes. As I’m still getting used to this whole getting up at 6am routine, I don’t often start my mornings off with a smile, but chipmunks, unicorns, and purple snakes sure did it for me today.

iTunesForest, A (Tree)” by Cure, The from the album Mixed Up (1990, 6:56).