There’s a guy who works in the mailroom just down the hall from me who greets me every time he sees me by calling my name out in kind of a sing-song fashion — “Mi-chael…!” It’s a little odd, but not really a big deal.

Unless he does it as he enters the restroom, while I’m standing at the urinal. Suddenly, my name is echoing from tile wall to tile wall, and, well, as delicately as I can put it, all bodily functions immediately cease. That’s just not a good time to be startled.


3 thoughts on “Bad Timing

  1. Wait… did he actually do this, or is this a hypothetical?

    Lucky for you, while a bit creepy doesn’t top my “Creepy Guy” story, of a fellow who decided he’d follow me into the gym shower (they are personal showers, not group showers). I nearly decked him (yes, that’s with an “e”).


  2. So you know someone who does this, too, huh? Fortunately, I left that person behind when I switched jobs … and someone who kept calling me “Mike-Mike” here I just politely took aside and said as sweetly as I could to stop it. [She’s tall and gorgeous, so I wasn’t about to burn any bridges. :)]

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