3 thoughts on “Five Years

  1. Why that’s only 2,629,440 minutes ago. You make it sound like it was a long time.

    It’s all relative.
    5 years for a head of lettuce is a long time.
    But for a mountain, it is just the beginning.

  2. Yes, five years sans Michael (in the local sense). Of course, with the advent of blogging, I know more about your life now than I ever did before.

    Unfortunately, since in order to maintain that level of knowledge in both directions, I’d have to keep my own blog current. :)

  3. Has it been 5 years already? Time flies so quickly… We miss you :-) Planning a visit anytime soon? I may be headed to Portland next summer to see Meagan graduate from PSU, provided I can get a good enough handle on my aviophobia.

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