Wow — in the past few minutes, there have been three thunderclaps loud enough to rattle the windows (and the sound rolls on for at least a good ten seconds each time), and now we’ve got hail pelting down like crazy, plus the wind and rain that you can expect for a storm like this.

Make that four thunderclaps.

And I’ve got to walk to work in about half an hour. Ick.

Hooray for winter!

Update: I just pulled this image from KOMO News:

Lightning Hits Seattle


3 thoughts on “Storm Season

  1. Go back and read “About the Author.” Thunderstorms aren’t snow. You could be here riding your bike for transportation at zero degrees. Take a change of clothes, including socks, in your backpack.

    Love you, Mom

  2. Hehe…always the pragmatic one, you. ;)

    All quite true, of course, and most of the excitement seems to have died down by now. I do think I’ll forego the portable lightning rod (a.k.a. umbrella), though, and stick to just bundling up in my trenchcoat and a winter hat.

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