Slightly tangentially related:

I once knew someone (in fact, I still know him, though I hesitate to identify him for fear of recrimination — or, perhaps, incrimination) who told me that, upon meeting the new husband of an ex-girlfriend of his, had to suppress the urge to say, “I took your wife’s virginity.”

Wrong. Rude.

And — in my world — very funny.

2 thoughts on “Inappropriate Thoughts

  1. You might remember, when we lived on Lake George Drive, one of our neighbors were the Lamebulls, and you used to play with their son, John-John. They also had a younger daughter, Melissa, who was nicknamed “Chunk,” as she was pretty square shaped.

    Sometime later, a drop-dead gorgeous late teenage woman came up to me at an event, and asked if I remembered her. Unfortunately, to be truthful, I had to admit I did not. Her response was, “I’m Chunk.”

    Outside, I was very polite. Inside, however, I am afraid my response was, “You bet your bottom dollar you are!!!!”

    Love to you both.

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