Since I’ll hit 20 years of blogging this November, this year I’m posting a daily list of anything I published on this day in the past. Here are my past posts for January 3…

There are 22 posts previously published on January 3rd

  • 2019
    • Looks like I’m just the fifth supporter of The Good News Podcast on Patreon — getting in early before the rush! I’ve been enjoying this podcast since it started, so I’m happy to toss them a few bucks a month to keep it going.
  • 2017
    • Just saw a cute group of international students playing on the frozen irrigation canal that runs through the #CWU campus. They’re braver than I am! 😃 #cwupride @cwupride
  • 2016
    • Book one of 2016: Survivor, by Chuck Palahniuk. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3/366) #chuckpalahniuk
  • 2014
    • Celebrating the car’s successful resurrection…with booze! :D
    • One of my stocking stuffers this year was a Newton’s Cradle desk toy for my work desk. Always liked these things!
  • 2010
    • Condition of Sale This record is sold upon the express condition that it shall not be copied or duplicated and that the full right of property or possession reverts to the Columbia Phonograph Co. upon violation of this condition.
  • 2009
    • Congratulations Royce and Steph! Congratulations and best wishes to Royce and Steph, who are getting married this fact, the ceremony starts in about twenty minutes at the time I write this.
  • 2007
    • Thomas Jefferson’s Koran Rep.-elect Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, found himself under attack last month when he announced he'd take his oath of office on the Koran -- especially from Virginia Rep. Virgil Goode, who called it a threat to American values.
  • 2006
    • First Day of School Well, okay, so there wasn't any big yellow school bus for me today. And no, there wasn't a _short_ bus either, smartasses. Still and all, it _was_ my first day in school in fifteen years, so I figured I had to mark the occasion in some form.
  • 2005
    • Wishlist: MT ‘tag’ category plugin What I want now is a way to use tags in my Movable Type installation rather than categories. Barring some kind soul figuring out how to shoehorn such a thing into MT, though, do any of the current weblogging tools support tag-based categorization?
    • Moose or Mouse? Moose causes auto accident by climbing inside the driver's pants. Or not.
    • New Earth Time Rather than having to deal with local time zones and the bother of constantly converting back and forth, NET is an attempt to standardize one global time system.
  • 2004
    • Congratulations NASA: Spirit has landed! It's official: Spirit (the first of two rovers sent to Mars) has landed successfully!
    • Madacy != metadata I've babbled before about my anal-retentive obsession with metadata when it comes to my music collection. Today, I remembered one of my major frustrations: the Madacy Music Group.
    • NetNewsWire display bug Has anyone else seen this particular NetNewsWire bug?
    • From vinyl to .mp3 The New York Times has a decent overview of how to transfer vinyl recordings to .mp3 (or AAC, or whatever your digital format of choice may be).
  • 2003
    • A tweak here, a tweak there Further changes (including some of the ideas that have been tossed at me in the comments to my last post) will appear as I get around to them. In other words, it could be tomorrow, and it could be sometime in 2007. Around here, you just never know.
    • Everything old is new again I've finally managed to finish up what's been something of an ongoing 'whenever I'm bored' project for the past few months — re-entering all my old posts (two years worth, approximately 700 or so?) that disappeared when my old webserver died in August.
    • tlhIngan Hol Did you know that you could Google in Klingon? Completely bizarre. But cool.
    • Wireless in the classroom In response to this article about the pros and cons of wireless 'net access on campus, Robert Scoble presents a list of suggests as to how teachers can adapt. Rather than panicking and denying all 'net access across the board, why not come up with ways to involve use of the 'net in class?
  • 2001
    • Insomnia And let me dream about making mad love on the heath, tearing off tights with my teeth.
  • 1996
    • [From the archives: 1.3.96 0257] Okay, changed some things around again. At the request of someone who e-mailed me, I have brought my page about the new teen curfew law back online.

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