📚 19/2021: _Patience & Esther_ by S.W. Searle ⭐️⭐️⭐️

A sweet and nicely non-stressful (as in, no major drama or conflict) romance between two lower-class women in Edwardian England. Many nice historical details about the time…and oh, yeah, occasional explicit sex scenes.

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    I sent an email support request in on 4/3 when the error from Sunlit was “request too large”, but never got a response (request #6269). Now the error I get (from both apps) is “Error Uploading Photo parse error. not well formed (error: -32700)”.

    Using the WordPress iOS app works fine (if by “fine” we mean “posts successfully”, not “is an easy process that gives me the results I want”).

    I’ve tried deleting/reinstalling to no avail.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  2. @djwudi I’ve still got your email in the queue to reply to… I just don’t know what’s happening yet! Hope to be able to debug and provide a better answer soon.

  3. @help Thanks for the response—good to know I haven’t been lost! Good luck with the search, and if there’s anything I can provide to help, feel free to let me know.

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