Year 50 Day 106

My wife and me standing in the main lobby of New York City’s Moynihan Train Hall. It is a large space with steel and glass roof.

Day 106: Hello New York City! We have completed our transcontinental railway journey, from sea to shining sea (though we haven’t yet seen the sea on this side of the continent yet, we expect we probably will soon). We left Chicago yesterday evening on the Amtrak Lake Shore Limited, slept through Indiana (my apologies to my Indiana relatives), woke up midway through Ohio, got a brief glimpse of Pennsylvania, and then worked our way down the Hudson River until ending in NYC. Our hotel is less than half a mile from the train station, so we decided to walk (in hindsight, perhaps a minor miscalculation in 72° weather, but we made it), and the first thing we saw outside of the train station was Madison Square Garden. Now we’re enjoying relaxing in our hotel room (for all people chatter about tiny NYC hotel rooms, first, this isn’t that much smaller than most hotel rooms I’m used to, and second, three nights in an Amtrak sleeping cabin make this look positively palatial). The adventure continues!

The outside of Madison Square Garden, a large, round, tan colored stadium. Two hod dog vendor stands are on the sidewalk in front as people walk by.

A pleasant hotel room with two twin beds. The view out the window is of the wall of the building across the street.