Year 50 Day 107

Me, wearing black shorts, purple Converse, and a navy blue shirt that says “RITOS”, holding a camera, and standing on a rock in front of a large grassy field in New York City’s Central Park. Some of NYC’s old buildings can be seen in the distance.

Day 107: Last night, after posting yesterday’s photo for the day, we went to look at Times Square at night and ended up hopping on a very fun open-air double-decker bus tour of major NYC landmarks before coming back to the hotel and crashing. Today, after finally enjoying a night’s sleep in actual human-size beds, we walked from our hotel up to Central Park, stopping off on the way to get bagels for breakfast. We spent a couple hours just wandering through the park, and then headed to the Museum of Natural History. Another couple hours there, and then (12,000+ steps and nearly six miles later) gave our feet a rest and caught a taxi back to the hotel. Now resting before heading off for this evening’s entertainment.

Law and Order: PLU (Please Not Us) (dun dun)

My wife and me standing in front of one of the stone archway bridges in Central Park.

You really don’t grok the size of a blue whale until you’re standing next to one (or a reasonable facsimile, of course). Just incredible.

My wife and me in front of the huge blue whale exhibit in the New York Museum of Natural History.

Similarly, the titanosaur is rather mind-bogglingly big.

A panoramic photo of the Titanosaur skeleton in the NYC Museum of Natural History