Year 50 Day 108

My wife and I outside on Brooklyn’s Pier 12 cruise ship terminal. Behind us is the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner.

Day 108: We’ve taken a transcontinental train trip and spent two nights in New York City…but this trip isn’t over yet! The destination…well, perhaps may be guessed? Hope you’re having fun playing our game!

Though it should be noted that further photo-a-day posts will likely not appear for about a week; I’ll backdate them when they get posted.

Today’s bonus photo: Last night we went out to see the musical Six at the Lena Horne Theater. I mean, if you’re finally going to finally go back to indoor live theater performances, what better way than with a Tony Award-winning Broadway show in New York City? It was excellent, and it’s clear the soundtrack will be in heavy rotation at home.

The inside of an ornate theater lit in blues and purples. The Playbill for the musical Six is being held up into the photo.