Year 50 Day 115

My wife and I in front of the window of our hotel room in London. Behind us is a gorgeous view of Tower Bridge.

Day 115: We’re (finally) off the boat and in London! The QMII docked in Southampton this morning, and we were very ready to move on. While the trans-Atlantic crossing was a really neat thing to do, with a lot of fun ties to history, we’re now pretty sure that that’s not a thing that we’d be intereste in doing again. Seven days at sea is a long time, and when you factor in the obviously high risk of getting ill…well. It was worth doing and the first half was a lot of fun; the tedious latter half, though, we’re happy to see the end of.

So, we disembarked in Southampton, caught a cab to the Southampton train station, a train to London Waterloo station, a London black cab to the Tower Hotel, and checked into a room with the most incredible view I’ve ever had in a hotel room.

After getting settled in, we walked across Tower Bridge and got dinner. Once we got back to the hotel, my wife (who was hit much harder by the bug that I was) needed rest, so I went out and took a two-hour walk enjoying the London evening and taking photos before finally coming back and heading to bed.

Bonus photos: Us crossing Tower Bridge, me on the Millennium Bridge, and my wife enjoying the view before bed.

My wife and I midway across Tower Bridge.

Me midway across the Millennium Bridge, with the Shard and Tower Bridge visible in the distance.

My wife curled up in a chair under a blanket, looking out the hotel winow at the Tower Bridge lit up as the sky darkens into twilight.