Year 50 Day 116

My wife and I at Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London. We're in one of the upper galleries overlooking the stage and floor area. Other audience members are finding their spots for the performance behind us.

Day 116: Our first day of exploring London!

We started with a visit to the British Museum, which is a huge, gorgeous museum packed with loot artifacts stolen acquired from across the globe. It’s also so popular that I found it impossible to really enjoy the visit — there’s absolutely no opportunity to actually stop and appreciate anything, because there are simply so many other people crowded in, pushing through, and all to often either stepping directly in front of you or physically pushing you aside so that they can see whatever you’re trying to look at. Honestly, as gorgeous as the museum is, and as impressive as its collection is, the actual experience was something of a disappointment. That said, we made the most of it, and did see a lot of neat stuff.

Once we finished with the museum, we came back to the hotel to rest for a while. Then we were off again! We took a cab up to Shakepeare’s Globe, walked across the Millennium Bridge and around St. Paul’s Cathedral (sadly, there was no old woman selling crumbs to feed the birds for tuppence a bag), saw a rainbow over London as we came back across the Millennium Bridge, and then watched an incredibly good performance of Macbeth at the Globe.

Bonus photos: Seeing the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum (we saw the front, but had to take a photo with the back, because the front side was far too crowded), at the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and squinting into the sun with a rainbow behind us.

My wife and I at the British Museum in front of the back (unetched) side of the Rosetta Stone.

My wife and I in front of the front steps of St. Paul's Cathedral.

My wife and I, both kind of squinty, on the Millennium Bridge with a rainbow arcing over London visible behind us.