Year 50 Day 117

My wife and I at the Tower of London, with the White Tower visible behind us.

Day 117: We kicked off our day at the Tower of London, heading in as soon as the gates opened and starting by going straight for the Crown Jewels (which, phrased that way, sounds much more heist-y than it actually was). It’s a great way to make sure you can better appreciate them — it wasn’t much later at all in the day when we saw lines forming, where we were able to head right into the exhibit. Once done with those, we spent the rest of the morning just slowly working our way through the rest of the Tower exhibits at our own pace.

Once done with the Tower, and after taking some time to rest, we headed off for a Jack the Ripper walking tour of Whitechapel run by and ending with a visit to the Jack the Ripper Museum. This was a fun way to see a lot of the back streets and areas that we wouldn’t have wandered into on our own, all while getting an amusingly sensationalized (and occasionally conspiracy-theory-enhanced) account of the Jack the Ripper murders and mystery.

After that, since we didn’t have anything else planned and figured we could both use some more time to rest, we just settled into our hotel room and watched Mary Poppins, which seemed like a perfect choice after a couple of days exploring London.

Bonus photos: Us with a Tower raven, with Henry VIII’s codpiece, and in front of the Jack the Ripper museum.

My wife and I at the Tower of London, with one of its famous ravens visible behind us.

Us in front of one of King Henry VIII's suits of armor; this one has a very noticeable codpiece.

My wife and I standing in front of the Jack the Ripper Museum.